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Wisdom Quest Group
Eos, Goddess of Dawn, with Pegasus, Her Mount

Wisdom Quest Group:
“The Last Chapter of the U.S Psychotronics Association”
(937) 429-3847

Wisdom Quest Xmas Party:  Thursday, December  20, 2018 

Where? Bruce and Kathy’s House: 3490 Clar-Von Drive, Beavercreek, Ohio 45430
Call: 937-429 3847 for details

Potluck: Ham and Turkey provided        Potluck: Your favorite dishes: Green Bean Casserole;  Sweet Potatoe Lentils; Barbeque Beans with Bacon; Coconut Cream Pie~ You get the idea. Salad trays and all that.

BYOB and other partakings...

Campfire with Kettle boiling and steaming.

Overnighters Welcome

Try to arrive in Daylight

Noon until Late


Download the radical and a bit revolutionary Wisdom Quest Flyer for Wisdom Quest Xmas Party Thursday, December 20, 2018

Got It: Our new meeting place ! 
240 Ludlow Ave
 Springfield, Ohio 45505
The old Carpenters Union Hall. Just across from the Frank Loyd house.

Lemoine Rice, New Director: (937) 215-1476
Third Thursday of the month.
Next regular WQ meeting:
 Thursday, January 16, 2019
In the coming months, Lemoine Rice, will schedule more traditional New Age, Metaphysical topics; including : Psychic Readings; Astrological Aspects and Affinities concerning love and relationships and, of course, Wealth and Money. But not forgetting alternative Health and Healing !

Labor Day Time:  2018
ALAS ! ALL WISDOM Quest must now divert to : 
Some Homemade Electricity Gadget.   BMF Jr: all Free Energy Now; no more Wisdom Quest .  This means Lemoine Rice is carrying us forward... with Wisdom Quest Monthly meetings the third Thursdays at the old Carpenter’s Union Hall at 240 Ludlow Avenue; Springfield, Ohio 45505. A very nice place; with extra rooms for readings; massage and other timely activities.

March 23, 2018

A little Story:
 About ten years ago, Bruce M. Forrester Jr took over Wisdom Quest from founder, Emerson King.

Now the baton passes to Lemoine Rice!
NEXT WISDOM QUEST MEETING: THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2018 AT THE CARPENTER’S UNION HALL LISTED ABOVE. (It’s really nice: Wait until you see it! Right across from the “Frank Loyd Wright House” in Springfield on High Street. And very close to the previous Wisdom Quest Library at Harvey Banks and Marilyn Pequinot’s Healing Center (used to be, anyway)

WQ Speaker:  Beverly Milner! Hooray. 
The next Wisdom Quest meeting will be Thursday April 19th at my new place in Springfield at 7pm. The guest speaker will be Beverly Milner on the subject of personal ju-jitsu as a healing technique. She will be doing demonstrations for interested parties in the meeting.
Thanks. I will be sending out flyers soon. Lemoine 

So: Some of the highlights of my tenure:
* Had Ken Harsh speak to 110 of us at Creative Memories.
* Had Rainbow Eagle speak a time or two on Native American wonderful healing traditions.
* Had the prescient Karen Edgemon speak on “The Keys to the Kingdom”.
* Had Feminine (not femi-nazi) Goddess Susan Newton dazzle us with what a Woman could be .
* Had serious Crop Circle Expert , young Jeffrey Wilson from Cincinnati,  disabuse us of all that hoaxing going on; leading, perforce, to the forced conclusion that these events may be linked to previous “mound structures” in our environs.
* Similarly, we had Ross Hamilton wake us up with true tales of “Giants in Ohio”; and down at Big Bone Lick in Kan-Tuck-Eee.
* Had Nancy Lee Bentley a time or two about “Truly Cultured” food that we must lovingly prepare to sustain us all.
* Had USPA President, Beverly Rubik, speak on real Radionics and how it morphed into the Psychotronics of today.

* Had the all too true, Paul Fromm, speak on “Vote With Your Feet”. People always do, whether Liberals like or not. Witness South Africa today: White Farmers being killed off their land and now fleeing to Australia: Prediction STARVATION IN SOUTH AFRICA VERY SOON.


We could go on here:  But this is reason the U/U deleted us:
“TOO MUCH TRUTH TELLING” Yes, Ma’am;  some of those Pointy Head Liberals, Lesbians and Social Justice Warrior could not stand the emotional stress of Nature’s Eternal Wisdom coming out in contradiction to Liberal perversion of tranny this and tranny that .  Such cognitive dissonance produced way too much emotion of RAGE for snowflakes to resist melting, the darlings...


 New Director for Wisdom Quest:
Lemoine Rice ! Longtime Savant and Metaphysician in our Miami Valley.  Many of us have attended Lemoine’s class “Oracle Wisdom” held on the very last Monday of each month.

Now, Lemoine will lead Wisdom Quest boldly into the Future beckoning us all...

Contact Lemoine Rice:
2001 Mechanicsburg Road
Springfield, Ohio  45503

(937) 390- 0896
937 215 1476

USPA LOGO and Link to

Dr Beverley Rubik, Ph.D. New President USPA ! A real scientist, this one.

    December 6,  2017

    .   Why? Lost our Lease at the  U/U...
    Real Reason: Not supporting perverted  LGBT Tranny agenda of modern Liberalism. Failure to support Homo marriage;  Failure to support  Late term partial birth abortion;  Failure to support unlimited Diversity with  purposeful and reckless immigration to turn  Amerika into Third World county “of color”. 

     Instead Wisdom Quest furthers Nature’s Eternal Religion of how things really work...

    As a role model, we have only to emulate those  UFO Aryan Blondes making their appearance in the tumultuous days since 1945 and the BOOM ! of nuclear bombs; and the miserable end of our planet unless we change some of our wicked ways.  Wilhelm Reich discovered this with the epochal “Oranur Experiment” in January 1951.

    Walter and Lao Russell spelled it out clearly with     “Atomic Suicide”  in 1957. 

    DownLoad Atomic Suicide from Abundant Hope

    November 16, 2017  

    Meeting postponed until new place.
    Many thanks to the Unitarian/Universalist Fellowship for having us for six good years !   Imagine their patience having to put up with Flying Saucers, Free Energy, Alternative (non FDA approved) healing; and even some “Trumpian” politics... (above and beyond the call of duty, I would say ! )

Download the November 16, 2017 Wisdom Quest Newsletter... a good one.

All about Mark Hoffman and his healing Tesla Technology; 
Here, see for yourself:  

Too bad we no get Mark Hoffman on November 16; but he  “Will be back”      In the meantime, scoot over to Https:// and check it out.  He’s got the  “Hardware”  to back up his “Hot Air” 


    October 19   Thursday at 7pm  

     Bruce M. Forrester Jr will be the Speaker ~   Annotating video of Darren Colomb: all about WALTER RUSSELL, and “The New Science of Tomorrow !

Since 2007, when Wisdom Quest Founder Emerson King stepped down, I have brought in both local and outside speakers on a broad ranging set of “Psychotronic” subjects:   Ken Harsh, Randy Hastings, Dr. Beverly Rubik, Herman Meinke, Rainbow Eagle, Carol Allin, MUFON Leader David MacDonald, Crop Circle Expert Jeffrey Wilson, Goddess Susan Newton and many others have shared their unique wisdom with us so far.      COME TO WISDOM QUEST AND SEE HOW GOOD A SPEAKER CAN BE !  


DownLoad the complete Wisdom Quest Flyer for Thursday, October 19, 2017

Download WQ Newsletter for Sept. 21, 2017.

Darren Colomb

Thursday, September 21, 2017 at the U/U:

Nice video of Linda Moulton Howe at Conference on Future Energy in Albuquerque New Mexico where she “steals the show”  Linda will examine an actual piece of a Flying Saucer (Lower Hull Skin Segment) of this wedge shaped UFO.


Better download the complete Wisdom Quest Newsletter for June 22, 2017. DOUG BAKER: POWERFUL PSYCHIC... from The Mountain Top. 

Doug Baker:   A Powerful and Frightenly Accurate Psychic

DownLoad the April/May 2017 WQ Newsletter with MUFON Bill Konkolesky and Healing Harmonics Darrell Brann!

Download the complete WQ Newsletter for February/March 16, 2017 Lemoine Rice in February and Kim Plinovich in March 2017


Eos, Goddess of Dawn, With Pegasus, Her Mount, Symbolizing Dawn
      Of New Age Coming...
The Dawn of a New Age, when much will be revealed,

Will you be ready?

  Down Load the complete Wisdom Quest Newsletter for Thursday, November 17, 2016 ONE WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING, MY FAROITE HOLIDAY, (after Halloweenie, of course.)Herman Meinke, Avatar of our time; from the TreeHouse for the Earth’s Children in Farmington Michigan. Old Herman is gonna conjure up some Alchemy “Ormus” for us mere mortals; and then teach us how to do it. For Elixir of the Ages...Bring your credit cards handy for this one ;  Good checkbooks, too. This means: “Get It While You Can” with Herman Meinke, if you know what I mean: A payday for Herman and knowing immortal for you! ( What’s not to like about that? )

USPA LOGO and Link to

USPA Newsletter, Vol.2, No.10 (October, 2016) That Dr John Reed, M.D. at the national USPA is making some good things happen!

Wise Woman Mary Hardy  from Temple of Sakkara in Allegan Michigan!  Wisdom Quest Thursday, October 27, 2016. “Activating the Light Bodies to Balance the Schumann Resonance. Healing through Love will allow Earth to Prosper into a new Higher Frequency. Download the complete WQ Newsletter for October 27, 2016.

Our collection of previous issues of the Wisdom Quest Newsletter! Download as pdf. Each about 2-4 pages, recently in color from printed hardcopy originals.

Download the Complete Wisdom Quest Newsletter for September 22, 2016 !
 Susan Newton: Mentoring Teacher of Feminine Wisdom

DownLoad the latest Wisdom Quest NewsLetter: Meeting Date: NO MEETING JULY AND AUGUST 2016.

Go to Shows and Conferences instead:

National USPA USPA Newsletter, Vol.2, No.10 (October, 2016)
Dr John Reed; M.D. puts this newsletter together and it’s pretty gosh darned good, in my opinion!  . Just click here, and WISE Journal Vol. 5, No. 3 (Autumn, 2016) will download as a PDF.


ExtraOrdinary Technology in Albuquerque
Steve Elswick -- 
Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
(520) 252-0374 --


DownLoad the latest Wisdom Quest NewsLetter:
 Meeting Date:  June, 2016
Speaker! Jason Spadafore 
THAVMA: Christian Occultism and Magic 

DownLoad the latest Wisdom Quest NewsLetter: Meeting Date: May 2016.
Speaker! Valerie Hoffman, from The Center for Intuitive Guidence:
*Pain Management
* Tobacco? Yes, even Tobacco: Bye, Bye!
Give Valerie a call to get started: 937 219 6801
Valerie and Bill Hoffman do a nice “Tag-Team” for Pain, Depression, Addictive and Sleep, precious sleep... Plus lots of classes they got going on in their newly remodeled and simply lovely center: “The Center for Intuitive Guidance”  10501 Success Lane, Dayton, Ohio 45458.  On the South side of Dayton; down near Yankee Trace Golf Club; at Austin Pike and Social Row Road. Plus if you want to do some work on your own clients; then the Intuitive Guidence Center may be arranged to host your work !

DownLoad the latest Wisdom Quest NewsLetter: Meeting Date: April, 2016

Speaker! DANIEL MICHAEL ADAMS from the MountainTop Bookstore way way up Salem Pike almost all the way to I-70 in the far Northwest Corner of Dayton. 6967 Salem Pike, Clayton, Ohio 45315 937 837 6807. “THE POWER OF THE NEW AGE”.

EVERY FRIDAY EVENING, 7PM, AT THE MOUNTAINTOP: AN “OPEN CIRCLE” WHERE MOST ANYTHING GOES... “NURSING MOTHERS”  WELCOME IN ABUNDANCE! ( Prototype Aryan Breeding Club?  ) Yes, the name says it all; you know what it takes to get in...

The MOUNTAINTOP is just that: Your one stop Astrology Shop, Mary Bauer proprietor; and she knows her chops. Next time you get a sweetie, better run run into see Miss Mary to get a joint Astrological Chart done to figure out all the aspects, connections and clues for a hot and lasting deliciously wet SOUL MATE connection!

Plus plenty of readers, psychics and mentors available at the Psychic Fairs most every month!

(especially if you work like Hell to make it so ! )


DownLoad the latest Wisdom Quest NewsLetter: Meeting Date March, 2016:

Speaker! DOUG BAKER from The MountainTop!  Wow-Good! This guy gets the job done!
*Soul~Mate Love, Baby
*Wealth~ Abundance

But as we all should know (and we do know) No Free Lunch in this department: This means we bust some Ass to get the job done! (This means WORK, Oh! work it Baby)
You know:
“Gas, Grass or Ass; Nobody Rides for Free”
 the MountainTop Bookstore way way up Salem Pike almost all the way to I-70 in the far Northwest Corner of Dayton. 6967 Salem Pike, Clayton, Ohio 45315  (937) 837 6807.


DownLoad the February 18, 2016 Newsletter:  A Tribute to Wisdom Quest Founder: Emerson King.


DownLoad the WQ Newsletter for January 21, 2016
Dr Wil Spencer SPEAKER !  “The Body Electrician”

For earlier WQ Newsletters;

See The Archives !

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