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The Day is Coming; for Some: It has Already Arrived.

Such an Important Artlcle... Reproduced here in its entirety.: by Mauro F.P. Porto:



The vast majority that agree that our common objective must be to end the UFO / ET cover-up disregards the very important issue of the colossal psychological impact disclosure will have on humankind, and the reaction to it, in the USA and other parts of the world.

After disclosure the whole planet will be facing a situation similar to what the cover up generals had in their hands in 1947-1950:


1 - They had to accept the evidence that the planet was being visited by extraterrestrial entities displaying technological competence far beyond terrestrial scientific capabilities.

2 - Worse than that: they were forced to face the evidence that the UFOs and their crew were involved in a plethora of paranormal or paraphysical phenomena far beyond the farthest limits of what could be comprehended and accepted by the scientific, philosophical and religious preconceptions of the time.


The Western mentality was -- and still is -- profoundly Dualistic in its perception of the Universe: it postulates a Creator apart from Creation, Spirit distinct from Matter, and Man at the pinnacle -- the only material creature endowed with an immaterial part called “Soul” -- the other side of the coin regarding the Oriental view, that is profoundly Monistic, meaning they see reality as a unified whole, Creation as part of Creator and Man in equal footing with the rest.

As a faithful offspring of the Western philosophy, Science in the 50s was Dualistic, absolutely confident that the Universe the senses could feel was something intrinsically material and as predictable as a machine. Brass people and common people together were completely unprepared for things or beings that seemed to be able to dematerialize.

Only in the last 25 years the full understanding of the theories of Plank, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schroedinger and Einstein led to the acknowledgement of a world where there isn't any matter but only energy and strange quantum fields that appear, disappear, change places and transmute incessantly, while forming and deforming space and time. This is something only a relatively small bunch of people of the academic area fully understands, but the IDEA that the Universe is an immaterial multidimensional Universe full of surprises has trickled down.

On the other hand, the very fact that the people of the Western world became more sophisticated and opened to the acceptance of new ideas turns into a nightmarish Security liability because we should be very careful to accept anything the Aliens try to sell us.

Because, friends, an immaterial, multidimensional, "Spiritual" Universe is as dangerous as the so called "Material" Universe we are accustomed to, because it is a Natural Environment and Natural Environments are dangerous things, chiefly in its newly explored parts.

 Let's just imagine that a government in the knowing (or more probably, the military-industrial steering group) decides to tell "all" about the extraterrestrials. The main problem TODAY -- more than in the 50 s -- would be to reveal how much is still ignored about the aliens, to confess how little is known of their real objectives, after so many years.

The second problem would be what exactly to tell -- and how to tell it, and the credibility gap inherent to these decisions.

The case would be a little bit simpler if the extraterrestrials made themselves the disclosure, saying what their purpose was, after all, making something spectacular.

Let's then suppose they do something like that, declare their most peaceful good intentions, open an Embassy in the middle of a desert, and begin shuttling selected members of the human race to be trained in a mothership.

It is nothing but certain that Humanity would immediately divide into three main groups:

1 - Those that would be appalled by the religious implications of the whole thing (mainly Western world people: Christians, Jews, and Muslims, committed to their Prophetic and Messianic teachings) and would close ranks around their traditional religions, repealing the aliens and whatever they say as a Devilish menace.

2 - Those whose animistic or pantheistic (monistic) kind of religion aren't an impediment to the acceptance of aliens as "saviors" or rescuers of humanity, and would willingly help the aliens to spread the "Light".

3 - The agnostics, that could wisely reserve judgement and keep their options opened ...and loaded arms.


It is very probable that a division like that has already occurred inside MJ-12 or whatever is called the group that is trying to control the situation.

Those among us that agree that it is time to end the cover-up must be completely aware that a dangerous and divisive scenario very similar to this will spread as soon as the cover-up is ended -- and be prepared to it.

If we analyze what the "contactees" are saying it can be clearly seen that aliens tend to mirror the contactees psychological and religious background: They talk about "souls" and say Christ was one of them; or reveal the existence of a "divine plan" that terrestrials should better obey; or readily go along the line of the reincarnation scheme.

We have a serious problem here: science now seems to be pointing to a multidimensional holistic kind of Universe, more akin to the monistic view of the Orientals than to the traditional Western dualism. Because of this, many intelligent and spiritually starved people are easily forsaking their simple Judeo-Christian beliefs and accepting "stock and barrel" the whole karma and reincarnation formula of the Eastern theology as fitting to the "paranormal" experiences they've had, that science itself is beginning to say are not impossible.

But actually the "Spiritual" thing must by all means be even more intricate than the wildest speculations of man, the Universe is certainly much more complex and complicated than what has ever been told by aliens, or by "Enlightened Spirits", or by "Inspiration", or by our prophets of old.

That's why we simply cant trust the aliens whatever they say or whatever "Miracle" they may perform. We should never forget that the security issue that has been at the core of the UFO problem is a real and very frightening one.

That's why we must never incur in the error of disarming ourselves physically or spiritually: I would say that our supreme goal should be to maintain at all costs our most fundamental freedom, which is the freedom of choice.

 Aiming to that, I wouldn't be much surprised to find that the UFO policy that has been imposed on us during the last 50 years was the best of a small set of difficult alternatives and that, thanks to it, at the present moment we are much better prepared to face whatever is there to be faced. 


Proof of Flying Saucers depends upon "Authority"

Proof of Flying Saucers depends upon the “Authority” of the Government, the Institutions and the norms of our society.

"Real World"  Flying Saucers!

OK, So here is where the Rubber Meets the Road...

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Blonde  Space Sister; Could be a "Hybrid"

Blonde Space Sister ( Hybrid? ) from the Antonio Villas Boas case in Brazil October 1957,.. Thanks to Pat Marcatillio for the great commissioned drawing. 


Both Male and Female; Our Relatives in Space...
The Gods have returned (much to the consternation of the christians)


Celtic Horse (Epona)  Knot,        Epona is the Celtic Goddess of Horse

Flying Saucer Fundamentals...
by Bruce M. Forrester Jr

Big File here (70 mb) a print out of the whole speech, with pictures!

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Mechanic's Drawing;  Summer 1958; Holloman Air Force Base

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 Bob Lazar tells us how...

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Cosmic Pulse of Life:   It's Alive!
Flying Saucer Drawing   Great Detail showing "Wheel Within a Wheel"   like the Zodiac Chart...

There is a connection between the power of UFOs, Free Energy, Anti-Gravity, Flying Saucers and the Energy of Life that we know as: “Prana”,  “Chi”,  “Orgone”, “Zero-Point”,  “Scalar”,  “Dark-Field”  “Ether” and a host of other names.  Zephyr Technology quests to bring this “Force”  to the mainstream. Currently, the applications of this “Force” may be found in the realm of “Alternative Medical” ;  but Friends:  This is about to Change...

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