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The ELF Generator

Been a good run with building those ELF Generators...
But, Alas!; all the telepathic telephones, all the channeling, all the contacting the Power Within... Now all has been replaced by the “Beamer” crowd:        That  means “Voices in their Head”. 
Just too crazy stressful for me. I’m not a shrink; never wanted to be a doctor or healer of any sort.

Thus ELF Generators out of production.
Replace by “The Big Idea”  Homemade Electricity Gadget for the Homesteaders.  (Whatever the Heck Electricity really is...)


SO, STAY TUNED FOR SOME HOMEMADE ELECTRICITY GADGET !  Price: I’m gonna give it away, give it away, give it away now. I’m gonna give it awy, give it away, give it away now. I’m gonna give it awy, give it away, give it away now. I’m gonna give it awy, give it away, give it away now. I’m gonna give it awy, give it away, give it away now. (Just try and stop me, Ha!)

You know: Free Energy: Free Love-- What’s the diff ?



OK ,  the best ELF in town in over at the old “Information Unlimited” from Amherst New Hampshire; my how things have changed: here they are today:




Because, the owner up in Chicago said it was “jinked” Every time he used it; a gun battle would break out within walking distance in his neighborhood, in Chicago. His machine “spooked” up in the hood where he lived. So he sent it back. Wanting me to resell it.  but I want to keep it instead.

Thus asking price is a joke it’s so expensive high. But since I got the only one for sale, I can ask anything I want: (hint: one. point six million dollars  $1,600,000- .

This crazy high price means I don’t want to sell it; but would anyway for that kind of sucker money. 


ELF Generator Instructions

Click to download ELF Generator Instructions

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For the Brain and our Central Nervous System;
Range of Frequencies:

 Delta: 1.0 - 2.9 Hz (Deep Sleep; feelings of well being...trance)

Theta: 3.0 - 6.9 Hz (Dreaming...visual imagery; increased memory and language function noted.)
Alpha: 7.0 - 12.9 Hz (creative thought; "spoon bending" psychic activity noted) 8.3 --->8.8 Hz (Block Mind Control; Counteract Targeted Individual attacks)
Beta: 13.9 - 32.0 Hz (Alert Awareness; Anger; Fear; Aggression)
Source: Val Valerian in Nevada Aerial Research Journal;
Las Vegas, Nevada 1989



The ELF Generator!
(Extremely Low Frequency)

*This "Brainwave Emulator" is now in production (as of April, 2008)

*ELF Generator mimics Human Brainwaves and even Rife Frequencies!

*Range of Device: 1---10,000 Cycles per second, with three decimal place accuracy.
Suitable for “Rife” work...

*Tunable Carrier Frequency: The resonant frequency of Water 42,600 Cycles per Second  (from Pat Flanagan's Neurophone)

*TrackBall Tuning for extra sensitive discernment of effective ELF and Rife Frequencies.

*Radionic Touchplate (Similar in function to Dowsing Pendulum) to help determine most applicable frequency customized for individual Experimental Subject.

*Unprecedented Output Power: Over 8.8 Watts in brainwave range (Note: Lower Power levels appear more effective for individual use). Regardless: 8.8 Watts is Huge for a low frequency device like this.

Use ELF Generator for:  
*Block unwanted “Beaming”

*Block unwanted “Mind Control”

*Counteract negative “Targeted Individual”    activity...
*Prayer Amplification
*Psychic Amplification
*Accelerated Learning
*Increased Memory Retention
*Lucid Dreaming
*Remote Viewing

*Price: $1369- Shipping $28- by U.P.S. 

Grand Total $1397- Delivered.


Click to Download "ELF Generator Info Pack"
Read-Out of ELF Frequencies and Carrier Frequency
Boot Up Message on Backlit LCD Screen

QUESTIONS?  Call: Bruce M. Forrester Jr
(937) 429 3847

Download the informative ELF Generator “Info Pack”.

This includes the original series of articles by legendary Bob Beck;  first published in Journal of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation under the pioneering leadership of Riley Crabb!

Notice how Antennas can rotate.  Notice Trackball tuning.
Open Doors Closed for Centuries...

Open Doors Closed for Centuries

Aphrodite Sea Foam and Shell:   Our Source...

Brainwave GuideBrainwave Guide for ELF, Color and Rife Frequencies... Comprehensive List from multiple sources
Frequency List

Free Lunch  HA-HA!  What a Joke...  "Entitlement Mentality"   sucking off the Government...

                                            Free Lunch? 
       It takes Work.. Using the ELF Generator, that is. 

Gas, Grass or Ass:
Nobody rides for free.  The ELF Generator “kick starts” your Mind and Inspiration. And then “take action” to make it happen. Massive action daily; day after day to turn your dreams into reality. Please: “No Entitlement Mentality”

Work begins with “W” and we don’t mean Boy George Bush either...   This means get inspired by tapping into your power within. Keep a journal of your experimental use of this “Mind Machine” first described by Bob Beck way way back in the 1960s. Robert Monroe and others have used sound (“Hemi-Synch”) as a first generation system using audio to get into the Mind. The ELF Generator uses Field Effect to stimulate the whole central nervous system and Mind together (Reptilian Brain Stem and all). 

Law of Karma cannot be broken...

Law of Karma cannot be broken.
You can use The ELF Generator for Gambling and you may “win”  but you still lose. Especially true for the “Lottery” (a tax on poor and stupid people).  At least playing Poker is fun; Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose; but fun nonetheless. Playing the lottery as some are want to do using “Psychic” powers to discern winning or using Astrological influences only represents a grave waste and misuse of our powers....

A word of Caution

The Law of Karma cannot be broken...

So, Yes: The ELF Generator can be used for “Gambling” and “Speculation” and often with good effect. But even if you win... you lose; Gamblers always do...

Download the informative ELF Generator “Info Pack”.

This includes the original series of articles by legendary Bob Beck;  first published in Journal of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation under the pioneering leadership of Riley Crabb!

 Links for Discussion of various ELF Frequencies:





*SOUNDS OF SILENCE! ---Excellent Discussion of ELF Theory

*EFFECTS OF 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves



Notice Brass Radionic Touchplate to "Dowse" most effective frequencies (Accurate to three decimal places)
Humilite--The Goddess Within: Contact Her!

TrackBall Tuning lets you “walk it” up and down the ELF Frequency Range with three decimal place accuracy.  (ELF Range: 0-10,000 Cycles per Second)  Carrier Frequency (the resonant frequency of Water, 42.6 KHZ)  is also tunable in single digit whole integers: Range of Carrier Frequency tuning 30,000 to 50,000 Hz; one Golden Section.  Brass Radionic Touchpad allows operator to “discern” which frequency is having the best effect!

Extra Terrestrials have been responisble for Earth's Religions
ELF Antenna Anti-Beaming

 NEW: “Anti-Beaming” Antenna.

For use on unwanted E.M. signals; such as “voices in your head” or other unwanted incoming Communication or Psychic signals; such as Government Spooks, Entities or even Men In Black...
Not to be used in any weapon or healing mode. Produces tight oscillating field for personal use.
Extra Anti-Beaming ELF Antenna: $277-

(ELF Generator comes with Bifiliar Wound Antenna to match 1/4 wavelength signal for maximimum reach and "Action at a Distance". Anti-Beaming Antenna is for close in personal protection!)


Important Disclaimer!

Since we are not Doctors nor Physicians; and We do not run a clinic nor treat people nor diagnose any disease or medical condition or injury...
Therefore: (“Caveat Emptor”)
We insist you consult with your “Family Doctor” Physician MD. before using or consideration of purchase of this “Alternative” equipment. The only claims made are that the equipment is the “real deal” made exactly as described in the published schematics, drawings and technical details. This means the MWO is a “real” one as invented by Georges Lakhovsky. This means the Orgone Energy Blanket is a “real” one exactly as invented by Wilhelm Reich, MD.  This means The ELF Generator puts out a real electromagnetic field... Prayerfully consider, along with your family and friends, your best course of action concerning this: “Experimental Use Only”  equipment!


Technology for The New Age!