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Some Homemade Electricity Gadget

 Some Homemade Electricity Gadget.

April 1, 2018 
Is the name of this page. 

Here it is:  I’m just gonna start giving it to ‘ya; because I can. 
This means I gots to get busy right now in the Workshop to build as we go along. So I can describe it to ‘ya as we go along.

So, here we go 
1) First Step is replicate that Roy Meyers guy from Penitentiary  Arizona.
You know, the one that got the good write up Bob Nelson of :
Ok, Rex Research gots the whole Free Energy thing all online. 

Here is their basic home page web site:
OK, here it is:
Three Links:
Here is the first 

link The Evolution of Matter by Gustave Le Bon. circa 1907

Link #2  The Evolution of Forces by Gustave Le Bon. circa 1909
Link # 3 
Bonus Toke about Henry Moray; The Sea of Energy in which The Earth Floats
                                           Superior 4th edition, 1945.

That’s it. You got enough to start. Read all this and start building this Roy Meyers Gadget: 
Here is a picture and link:

Pay the $ fee to join and get this one: You must in order to follow along.
It is called: “The Stubblefield papers on the old and defunct  website.
Anyway: here it is:
Nathan B. Stubblefield 1860 - 1928

I have tracked down the patent and already published it here in the forum in an earlier post. This is my analysis:

Meyers shows two embodiments in his patent. A basic version that is said to work and a more sophisticated version,

somewhat different in design. The drawings in the patent are rather crude and untidy and because of this difficult to

understand. I have created new graphics that show more clearly what is involved.

This is the bare bones version: 
The diagram is self explanatory.
Meyers says nothing about the length of iron wire between the magnets though they do not seem to be critical and can be quite short, say 3 or 4 feet. Alignment with the earth's magnetic field is essential within a few degrees. It does not have to be perfect. The device is said to work better if somewhat elevated
but it is a difference in performance, not workability.The second drawing is far more intriguing and revealing. Here it is:

Link to Hans Von Lieven; and his “Stubblefield Papers” .

Open up those Stubblefield Papers by Han Von Lieven; and get started.

This is The End.

Early "Absorber"   Model;   this early model  nearly   8 volts !


Here it is: The Bread and Butter one to master first.
Several times and places in my studies of Roy Meyer and his “gadget”,  I notice Roy Meyers himself refer to “treating” one set of the Zinc plates. “By accident” was the phrase Roy Meyers said how he discovered the secret method of treating one set of plates.

The Discovery involved using strong Sunlight to treat or charge up the Zine. The name: “Photoelectric Effect” discovered by Heinrich Hertz circa 

Strongly suspect the method resembles those observations noted by Gustave Le Bon, and his epochal “The Evolution of Matter” circa 1907. 


Most Free Energy machines have “radioactive emitters” of some sort to “jump-start” the thing until it gets going.... Or ever a battery of two to go with the radioactive emitter, you bet.

Perhaps strong Sunlight can be used to elicit some of that  “photoelectric effect” happening many times when strong Sunlight upon common metals. Especially the narrow, resonant UV bands, specifically  (Find out best resonant range of  UV SunLight to work). 

Get yer pieces of Zinc big: I like two foot by six inches; by 1/2” thick. Zinc runs heavy, more heavy than Iron; but not quite as heavy as Lead.

Those are big pieces of Zinc.  As big as we can handle. 


Notice the big HorseShoe Magnets.  They hardly make those anymore. Instead go down to an inner city machine shop. And have them make you one; big and to your specs.

The Iron Wire is wrapped around the “Bloch Wall” area of the big HorseShoe Magnet.  That is the live “transmission area” of the magnet. 



There is like “Zero” Magnetism at the center; and that is why seeming the Free Energy comes from   ? ! there.  One of the two Zinc plates is “treated” somehow; perhaps by strong UV Sunlight. The resultant “photoelectric effect” is produced from the Metal by the action of the UV Sunlight.


Bloch Wall1