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At WQ  October 22, 2015  by Beverly Milner

February, 2017; and a “Super” Bowl;  just like the Trumpster’s big win over the Hildabeast. 

So, In these late days before the New Age breaks in upon us; we strive to seek Wisdom. We strive to seek “cause” behind the myriad of different “effects” of things we think we know all about. Here is a simple example: in Magnetism, they say that “Opposites Attract”. They say that the same poles repel. From simple observation: it certainly seems to be that way.
Yet, How come in a simple Bar Magnet, the opposite poles are completely far away from one another? Why don’t they rush together in the middle and void each other out? (Many mysteries like this litter our scientific thinking...)

Once upon a time I decided to come to grips with “Flying Saucer” Technology. This was caused by my intensive study of Wilhelm Reich, M.D. His last book was “Contact with Space” or the “Oranur Experiment, Part II”.

That meant “build a flying saucer” was the ultimate goal... Pretty grandiose let me tell you. I found by experience that in order to build the component parts of such a lofty endeavor as Flying Saucer Motors, Free Energy rigs, I would need to master Tesla Coils, Frequency devices, Orgone Accumulators and other sub-assemblies and components of the larger system.

Where were my competition in this activity? They were all busy in the “Alternative Medical Device”  industry of Rife Machines, Multiple Wave Oscillators, Extremely Low Frequency Generators, Pyramids, Orgone Accumulators, Cloudbusters, even some “Dor-Busters” in there.  (Note these Orgone Devices were real Reichian ones, not the stupid fake polyester casting resin shit called “Orgonite” peddled at Crystal Fairs) 

So, I got pretty good  (Hell, I got Real Good) at building all this “Alternative Medical” equipment--All for “experimental purposes only”. You bet. But I never intended to be a Physician or a medical doctor M.D.  or even a chiropractor. Yet, the customers for this “alternative” equipment invariably had medical problems, most always caused by their own poor living habits: smoking cigarettes, eating industrial swine garbage which is often the standard American diet; lack of exercise, poor sleep, not drinking enough good fresh water... and the list goes on  and on.

Therefore a few years ago I decided: No more Healing machines... No more.  The plans and schematic diagrams for all the stuff of an alternative medical nature: the plans are out there living forever on the Internet.  I always made it real easy for folks to build their own equipment, rather than buy it from me.

TAKEAWAY POINT: In these late days before the New Age breaks in upon us all, I am only building the Flying Saucer Motor stuff; only the Free Energy Stuff; only the “Homemade Electricity Stuff (whatever Electricity really is? ha.)


So, here we go then

And notice the several references to “Wisdom Quest”, which is a chapter of the ever vibrant U.S. Psychotronics Association; founded by Bob Beutlich and J.G Gallimore way back in 1975 in Indiana. Go to the separate Wisdom Quest page for the latest info about our monthly  WQ meetings held in Yellow Spring, Ohio.

Here is a list, more or less in order of what this here website is up to:

1)  So, coming up for Wisdom Quest:  We will deal with Wilhelm Reich M.D.  who discovered "Life Energy"  and named it   Orgone. (But please not those hoax, polyester-casting resin,  fakey things called "Orgonite"  by Don Croft and peddled as "Orgone". )

 2) Walter Russell  and his true Soulmate,   Daisy Stebbin.   Only 34 years his junior, together they became known as Walter and Lao Russell. They are at the very top of our short list to Read, Mark, Learn;  and Inwardly Digest...  Something about our "senses";  e.g. for example our eyes, ears, skin, and nose.  Much of what we think we know comes from our senses.   Instead, let's go  deeper and ferret out some "Cause"  behind those effects.
3)  Ed Leedskalnin.    He wrote a short booklet:   "Magnetic Current".   Why is that so important and why  must  some Truth lurk nearby?   Because Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle, that's why.   In other words, he got the "hardware"  to back up his "hot air"  (or paper with ink on it )

  4) Yeah, sure:  some Nikola Tesla.   But Tesla is well ploughed ground already;   at least to our  educated and tough Wisdom Quest crowd. 

 5)  Viktor Schauberger, the "Water Wizard"  from the Austrian Alpine mountains way back when.   From an old time family of  game warden jaegers and forest managers. Schauberger figured it right out:  "Comprehend First,  then copy Nature herself".  

Want to build some Free Energy, some Flying Saucer Motors?    No problem.   How does it work?   Just like the Earth does !


6)  So,  there we were: Sitting pretty,  getting ready to win the World War against those dirty yellow Japs.  (that's what they were back then.).  President Harry Truman was told by his handlers (the hard driving General Leslie Groves) that we were going to Nuke Japan.  And that was that.    And we did.  

   *  Big surprise for all when those Flying Saucers showed right up boiling mad that we had been  "playing with matches"  in their woods.  A "Smokey the Bear" function for  some of the UFO folks  (The Nordic "Blondes" )

   *  Another kind of UFO  entity   (The "creepy Grays") they showed up too.  When dying things start to stink and fester,  the buzzards begin  to circle, possums too.  That means us.   Playing with Nukes means we all die along with our planet.   Lunchtime for all the flies, rats,  crows,  worms and bugs ,  even feral pigs.  

Wilhelm Reich nailed it with  the  "Oranur Experiment" 1951.  Walter and Lao Russell too with their book:      "Atomic Suicide"  1957.   At Wisdom Quest we are going to come to grips with some of this stuff.                                                                                                                   


Enough of Home page for now...