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At WQ  October 22, 2015  by Beverly Milner
Zephyr  Return of the Goddess,  Space Sister UFO Aryan Blonde

Solstice Time June 22, 2017

How about Summer Time for sure !


That means Fourth of July coming right up and that ought to be a bang...

For a peaceful prosperous and plentyiful Summer, meditate briefly of same.


I’m putting this new “text box” on top of the old material on the home page.  Now: it’s sort of a BLOG from Zephyr Technology.


Mostly Flying Saucer Motors, if I get any built to work?




Stay Tuned


Zephyr Technology for The New Age ! Downloaded from the UFO Aryan Blondes in Space...

May the First,    2017.
ooks like we got a “Scorned” woman on our hands. Also scorned our “Affirmative Action” president, the one who was given the Nobel Peace Prize because he was “of color”.  No justice, no peace; not in Iraq, not in Libya; and certainly not in Syria (where the Syrian Civil War that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the one she started and supported: It still rages )  Legitimately elected Syrian President Bashar Assad continues to run well his country despite ISIS terrorist opposition.  ISIS terrorist opposition well paid and supported by liberal elite of Democratic “Deep State” power structure. (With a little help from Dick the Cheney, John “Wet-Start” McCain and his best girly friend: Lindsey Gramnesty,  RINO Republican from South Carolina. Homos anyone?)

Gee Whiz: Liberal East Coast Elites, Lester Holt NBC mulattoes; in conjunction with the pervert Hollywood Oscar winning “Moonlight” gay homo negro drug dealing criminals holding up perversity and cesspool of diversity as worthy goals to beckon American White children to get down on knees and twerk the dirty with them. (Now please don’t say “Anti Semitic”  Yet, could it be even partly true ? )

But not so fast Buster!  Similar to the “Proles” from dystopian novel “1984” :  The backbone of American White Working Class.  The ones who used to be the FDR coalition of “Working Men”, the “Proletariat”- the Tool Belt and Pickup Truck crowd


So, the Liberal Elites so have their tranny panties in a ruffle...  Old Fashioned White Man Donald Trump won won the Election. Won it big.  Yes, Amerika has rejected Hillary, rejected Obama, rejected the drive by mainstream bias media and their Fake News “Opinion Journalism”

Ever since the swindle of Vietnam, some of us old time Hippies have wanted a Revolution:
             Now we got one Baby!


Therefore a few years ago I decided: No more Healing machines... No more.  The plans and schematic diagrams for all the stuff of an alternative medical nature: the plans are out there living forever on the Internet.  I always made it real easy for folks to build their own equipment, rather than buy it from me.

TAKEAWAY POINT: In these late days before the New Age breaks in upon us all, I am only building the Flying Saucer Motor stuff; only the Free Energy Stuff; only the “Homemade Electricity Stuff
(Whatever Electricity really is?  And whatever a Magnetic Field really is?  Think you know?  Well, you don’t   ha ha.)


So, here we go then

And notice the several references to “Wisdom Quest”, which is a chapter of the ever vibrant U.S. Psychotronics Association; founded by Bob Beutlich and J.G Gallimore way back in 1975 in Indiana. Go to the separate Wisdom Quest page for the latest info about our monthly  WQ meetings held in Yellow Spring, Ohio.

Here is a list, more or less in order of what this here website is up to:

1)  So, coming up for Wisdom Quest:  We will deal with Wilhelm Reich M.D.  who discovered "Life Energy"  and named it   Orgone. (But please not those hoax, polyester-casting resin,  fakey things called "Orgonite"  by Don Croft and peddled as "Orgone". )

 2) Walter Russell  and his true Soulmate,   Daisy Stebbin.   Only 34 years his junior, together they became known as Walter and Lao Russell. They are at the very top of our short list to Read, Mark, Learn;  and Inwardly Digest...  Something about our "senses";  e.g. for example our eyes, ears, skin, and nose.  Much of what we think we know comes from our senses.   Instead, let's go  deeper and ferret out some "Cause"  behind those effects.
3)  Ed Leedskalnin.    He wrote a short booklet:   "Magnetic Current".   Why is that so important and why  must  some Truth lurk nearby?   Because Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle, that's why.   In other words, he got the "hardware"  to back up his "hot air"  (or paper with ink on it )

  4) Yeah, sure:  some Nikola Tesla.   But Tesla is well ploughed ground already;   at least to our  educated and tough Wisdom Quest crowd. 

 5)  Viktor Schauberger, the "Water Wizard"  from the Austrian Alpine mountains way back when.   From an old time family of  game warden jaegers and forest managers. Schauberger figured it right out:  "Comprehend First,  then copy Nature herself".  

Want to build some Free Energy, some Flying Saucer Motors?    No problem.   How does it work?   Just like the Earth does !

 6)  Well  there we were: Sitting pretty,  getting ready to win the World War against those dirty yellow Japs.  (that's what they were back then.).  President Harry Truman was told by his handlers (the hard driving General Leslie Groves) that we were going to Nuke Japan.  And that was that.    And we did.  

   *  Big surprise for all when those Flying Saucers showed right up boiling mad that we had been  "playing with matches"  in their woods.  A "Smokey the Bear" function for  some of the UFO folks  (The Nordic "Blondes" )

   *  Another kind of UFO  entity   (The "creepy Grays") they showed up too.  When dying things start to stink and fester,  the buzzards begin  to circle, possums too.  That means us.   Playing with Nukes means we all die along with our planet.   Lunchtime for all the flies, rats,  crows,  worms and bugs ,  even feral pigs.  
( Contrast this reality to the Liberal Queers who bleat we must welcome them to feed upon us because they are “Children of God”  ha ha )

Wilhelm Reich nailed it with  the  "Oranur Experiment" 1951.  Walter and Lao Russell too with their book:      "Atomic Suicide"  1957.   At Wisdom Quest we are going to come to grips with some of this stuff.                                                                                                                   



"Hatred"  and all that...

So, I pays my $25-  from an advertisement from Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center... Now I am on their mailing list,  and everything;  Thought I was just ordering a book (which has not come yet).  Rush Limbaugh is right you know:   "Hatred"  is owned by the Left.   Owned by the Democratic Party;  owned by Liberals. Officially what is "Hatred" ?

Hatred is disagreement with a Liberal...  Disagreement with a Liberal is what Hatred Is.

Enough of the preamble already:  Let's talk about "Hatred"  in conjunction with THE WHITE RACE REVOLUTION FLYING SAUCER STYLE.

(We must begin with the "Age of Discovery")

1)  Sponsored officially by Prince Henry the Navigator around 1419 Anno Domini.  South, further South along the difficult African Coast the Portuguese sailed.  They had to get way out to Sea, out of sight of land;   lest they founder upon rocks and moving currents carrying them back East to the African Coast and certain  ruin.  Cape Chaunar (Cape Non or Cape No)  was the first challenge for those White Men, who dared where no Man had before... "Quem o passa tornará ou não" (those who cross it, return or not).   Spend a night or two or three out of sight of land...  The Arabs were good sailors but dared not this.

 2) Then as far South as the Southern edge of Sahara Desert, reaching   Cape Bojador (Arabic for "Father of Danger").  Wooden Ships,  Men of Iron, White  Men that is; boys really;   European Sailor Boys.  1434 AD now. "Who wants to pass beyond Bojador, Must also pass beyond pain." (Quem quer passar além do Bojador, Tem que passar além da dor.)

 3) Cape of Good Hope in 1488 to get around Africa; Vasco de Gama got to India in 1498; very very tough getting through the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and East African Coast (Mozambique). The channel is 1,000 miles long and from Wikipedia: "Cape Correntes was historically regarded as one of the most terrifying obstacles facing sailing ships in the Indian Ocean. It is named after the exceptionally fast Southward current that passes here, part of the Mozambique Current, with a tendency to form eddies at this cape. It is also a confluence point of winds, with the capacity to produce unpredictably violent gusts and whirlwinds." (and deep sucking whirlpools...)

Sustaining 30%  Losses of ships was the norm;  but the profits from  Black Pepper and  Spice Trade enormous, really Huge.

4)  And that is what we  White Men did:  Conquered the World already with a real  "FREE ENERGY"   system.  Light nifty Caravels;  bigger Carracks and  then the Mighty Galleons.   The Wind Energy was free.   Great capital investment and much wood joinery skill building those ships. The Wind was free but nobody worked harder than those European Sailor Boys.  Nobody.  Not too many Women on board, but sometimes a few.  Sporty rogue  or Pirate Captains would bring along some of  their personal favorites to reward the Men with.

 5)  This means the White Race has already conquered the World, with Free Energy even.                                                     Conquered  All of it.

 6)  The majority demographic  "of color"  ;  they want what we  Whites already got...   They want  more fast cars,  more computers,  big screen television,  big houses with suburban perfect lawns.  Demanding more fine wine, liquor and rich food. Even more aircraft carriers (now obsolete as a capital ship).   How to get all that  ?    Why, a "Living Wage"  of course. Raise that minimum right up to $15- and beyond.  Coloureds chant:  "No justice, no peace;  Black Lives Matter" ;   Nasty Woman!   We Whites worked it Baby;   Worked it hard centuries ago.      China, India, Africa, South America;   "Of color"  want  material achievement that Whites  done got already;  all  from  small peninsula called Europe.

7)  Suddenly, 1945  BOOM!   Nuclear bombs go off.

8) Then,  here come Flying Saucers: (Roswell: 1947) Mostly "Grays";  but about 5%  "Blondes".  Matching the distribution of Whites on Earth:    5%  White vs.     95%  "of color"    (Parasitic/Symbiotic Jews no count as White,  believe me)

 9) Our job, as Whites, is to step up and lead like we did before. Like the Age of Discovery;  those European Sailor Boys  went where  no-one had gone before.

But,   No entitlement mentality please.  We cannot "give"  to the coloureds.   What's   the proverb?   "God helps those who help themselves".   That is why WELFARE IS A SWINDLE:  Take those free food stamps;  take that free housing;  take free and horrible public schools; take free (and humiliating) affirmative action... Guaranteed  Negroes will remain in Slavery for-ever, forever and then some.  No way "to void"  what has gone before... Put out a bird feeder and what do you get?
 (Hint: More Birds!)  That means we are raising Negroes by feeding them, is that what we want?  More compassionate,  more kind  is some "Tough Love"  which means Do not feed the Negroes !    Someone said:  "God will work with you but not for you".   Today Whites are expected to work for the "of color" crowd;  so as to "void"   what has gone before      (ha ha)

Our job as Whites is to step up and build some of that Flying Saucer Technology.  Build it both physical and lovingly Spiritual.   Like the UFO Aryan Blonde Space Brother and Space Sisters.  Very first step:  Overcome the  Liberal propaganda of Hatred.   And Love Ourselves.   Love us,  the White Race please.   We have as role model those UFO Aryan Blonde Space Brother and Space Sisters.  Simulate them. Emulate them.  Do not Hate Ourselves with guilt as we are commanded by Liberal/Jewish media propaganda... 

Love Ourselves instead.   Love Ourselves;           only then we have chance to lead...                      


Enough of Home page for now...
But stay tuned for Solstice June 22...

Solstice Time June 22, 2017

How about Summer Time for sure !


That means Fourth of July coming right up and that ought to be a bang...

For a peaceful prosperous and plentyiful Summer, meditate briefly of same.


I’m putting this new “text box” on top of the old material on the home page.  Now: it’s sort of a BLOG from Zephyr Technology.


Mostly Flying Saucer Motors, if I get any built to work?




Stay Tuned



End... 6/22/17