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Zephyr  Return of the Goddess,  Space Sister UFO Aryan Blonde
At WQ  October 22, 2015  by Beverly Milner

Hello Kathy !

Kathy Close Up  2

 New York, a Parasitic place ?

Feeding upon the rest of us.

Producing naught but stink, noise, diversity; and some Saturday Night  Live of Color, celebrating AIDS stench most foul;  leak, leaking a wet sickness of Karposi facial sarcoma.  

Oh !  but there is so much to do

No Tool makers here; no Broad shoulders, no Stacker of Wheat.  Hog Butcher for the World ? 
Wait ! Come On:   That is Anti-Semitic; you can’t have  pork in New York; remember Kosher please.  Except for Harvey Weinstein, a pig of the Human Kind.  Curiously Harvey and his tribesmen now set the public morality that we “deplorables” must live by; or else be branded racist and bigoted, the whole lot of us. New York from the East and Hollywood in the West;  covers  the World with New York values: with Fiat Federal Reserve money; with seeming prosperity for a town that produces no food, no steel, no lumber, no rubber, no oil, no natural gas; only finance speculation. And Art (degenerate); And daring “experimental” Modern Dance Theater which always must feature Black Man fucking White Woman on stage and in pubic. And New York produces “Public Opinion”. New York produces Advertising. New York produces Fake News;  New York produces the hidden Matrix that confine the cattle in their stockyards pen.

 New York, a Parasitic place ? 

So, go seek your fortune in Gotham ?  If you can make it there, then make it anywhere ! So says Frank Sinatra.
But You may find: 

  Perched upon you from birth to death;  providing a Buzz Feed of trivia demanding only just one, never both, sides to any story:  Civil Rights, Women’s rights, Anti-Racism and all that LGBT of perversity; Lickin’ it up, Sodomy style.  Better not step barefoot nor drink from pond by Central Park Grass, you’ll get horrid Guinea Worms if you do.

A self deprecating/self-criticism measure for those who come from hearty Mid American West. It’s not Okay to be White. Result: now Childless, Barren and Alone; cast soon off by regular corporate  latest restructuring.  Makes no difference to faggy CEOs  of digital media;  they must push their desired outcomes of Third World transformations.

Sadly, there is no fall-back position within rootless cosmopolitan, insistently Semitic, babbling hosts speaking some dirty Brown language.  Really: no family, no roots, no tradition, no childhood friends:  All you got now, Girl, is Diversity (and a dog); so, get to celebrating already. Sound familiar?  Yes, you know who you are  That would be you, Caira Conner, my daughter even.


Ah... Sweet.  The Halls of Olympus ring with Sardonic Laughter !

Bring down sordid Temple; overturn the Money Changers; flush the filth from Augean Stables.   Secretly, we fear that some of it might even be true:  Some distant fable from our childhood Sunday School youth.  Hard to recall;  something vaguely familiar; an uncertain memory of that memory:  Yet now it slouches back around ?
     And for the you know who’s:  Still time to bend knee and repent:  Accept Jesus. 
Ironic, you bet:  One dynamic New Yorker from Queens, who went and stormed into Manhattan;  learning, then mastering, the ways and means of street smarts ‘n savvy from the School of Hard Knox. 

Fate a Trickster here:  Takes a New Yorker to clean up New York;  and break our chains. Even in thought, do we dare to agree ?                         
So unimportant be Black Lives Matter      ~~~       Without White Man to feed, they perish...

Drawing fire means on target. 
 Listen:   Shrieking liberals wee wee . . . wet pantsuits 


 March Fourth:  It’s a’coming !

For some, it has already arrived.

 Who are “The ones”  who used to be the FDR coalition of  “Working Men”, the “Proletariat”- the Tool Belt and Pickup Truck crowd ?   You know:


What an ugly surprise for The New York Times;
What Happened?
How could it be that Red Necks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer trumped over Chardonnay and Brie effetely  served for the homo smart set: in the Hamptons out on Long Island, or  Georgetown around Wash. DC. ?


Zephyr Technology for The New Age !
 Downloaded from UFO Aryan Blondes in Space...

( How do you think Nikola Tesla got his vision for the rotating magnetic field and modern polyphase alternating current electric motor ? )

Or how about Walter Russell figuring out  “The Universal One”  as the Intelligent Universal Mind; that living energy, that loving energy;  which is Nature herself ? 
Hint: you don’t learn nothing from transgender diversity studies with a side of white privilege; not a gosh darned thing... Boys, you all learn from Nature’s Eternal Religion only . Knowledge religion.

October Surprise... (In the Monkey House ! )

 Dateline: 2018;  Washington DC.  Take Chevy Chase Circle, along Connecticut Avenue, gateway to Chevy Chase Maryland and those really rich, mighty white Maryland suburbs of our nation’s capitol .  Gee, the elegant and staid Chevy Chase Country Club with its championship (and difficult) Golf Course, Swimming, Tennis and even Winter Ice Skating; but no Jews, no Negroes or other such protected and precious  “of color”.   That traffic circle, maintained with its giant Sycamore and Oak trees and working old brass fountain elicits howls of rage from modern “Soy Boy” liberals.  WHY?  Because the White Man who built it (and the whole neighborhood), was Old West Senator Francis G. Newlands, from the great state of Nevada; darn-it, he was a “racist” because he put in restrictive covenants. (Ouch! ) Looks like White Folks like to live amongst themselves; just like Black Folks do.  You know, in the Southeast quadrant of Washington DC:   It’s all Black, all the time.

About two miles South from Maryland, going into the District of Columbia, adjacent to Connecticut Avenue in Northwest Washington DC;  unfolds the historic Washington Zoo.  Built by three old White Men of privilege,  this 163 acre animal and botanical refuge lays along the pristine and verdant Rock Creek several miles upstream from its mouth into the Potomac River. (In those littoral waters. I used to “snag Herring” with a big treble hook rig. In their yearly spawn run every Spring,  I got alot those fat pregnant fish; then rode the DC Transit bus home, cleaned them in kitchen sink, then gave most away after perfectly clean and ice cold.) 

’Twas a more wholesome time in 1889:  when Samuel Langley (of The Smithsonian ) and noted conservationist, William T. Hornaday,  and famous landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, responded to an act of Congress “for the advancement of science and instruction and recreation of the people”. These guys built the Washington Zoo, a marvel to this very day.

Let’s call it the monkey house:  though officially it’s “The Great Ape House”.  Wonderfully old conservative architecture, built to last  hundreds of  years;  these solid brick and limestone buildings reflect enduring values that our country, America,  was founded upon, in greatness.

 To keep that Monkey House in order, periodically was time “To drain the Swamp”.  This means time to clean the huge steel bar cages, housing a dozen monkeys each.  Cages so big that  crowds of Chimpanzees could brachiate along the upper most bars,  swinging in all manner of diversity. Being creatures of habit, those monkeys did not want the new zookeeper in town to hose down the cages and flush out much compacted years of poop.  There had been new zookeepers before;  but this one different:  he meant what he said.  That would be Donald J. Trump, come to get the job done.

You know where this is going:   The new zookeeper hired a man of integrity to assist.  A man named Brett Kavanaugh.  WOW !  The monkeys went wild...  They picked up their own feces and threw the poop at their tormentors who were cleaning out years of filth. Then Senate Judiciary Committee Liberals pooped some more and threw that with howls and screaming about Rape Rape and White privilege.

Yes yes,  the liberal persuasion can’t sell their agenda;  they must “order it” from courts to make it so.
  Like Liberal Homo Marriage;    “Ordered”   by some pervert on Supreme Court  

So, how do I know this ?  I used to watch the cage cleaning action at Washington Zoo for years in my teenage youth.  Those monkeys sure do throw their own poop at their opponents; just like the October Surprise proceedings.

We will examine: Liberal Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee:  Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Coons, Jeff the Flake, Cory Booker and other monkeys howling~Howling about Racism, Howling about Rape and Howling about White Male Privilege.    (“Howling Monkeys” get it ? )  Seemingly,  we are getting some big time reactionary establishment  HATRED coming down in reaction to the people awakening from their slumbers. 

Folks do not want “Diversity”.  It means “Perversity”.  Folks do not want WAR

The Liberal Global Order sure must have WAR to keep the mass of people enthralled with  phony patriotism.  Thus:  both the Left and Establishment Republicans hate this populist man,  Donald Trump.

His program:  Peace, Land,  and Bread (sound familiar ?)

Sunday PM: 10/7/18

So stunned was Chuck Todd on Meet the Press;  he just didn’t know what to say about how that Brett Kavanaugh toughed it out; and won his nomination, despite best, and filthy dirty ,  Democratic efforts to foil him.

Even late breaking news about that old King Cyrus the Great,  around 600 BC,   coming  back to Jerusalem in the form of one Donald J. Trump ? ! (You know that Donald Trump, the guy who moved the USA  Embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Jerusalem ;  What a good move, that one !)  Disturbing if you realize that Prophecy says:  The  Donald could be some sort of  “supposed to appear sort of guy”  .  Maybe like Sulla of the old Roman Republic;  who had to “clean house” when things got a little too stinky in the, late and debauched,  gladiator Republic days in Rome; circa 85 BC.  You know: Gay  Marriage and your wife having sex with a circus groomed horse;  while your friends watched ...~  

  and then even piled on and took some more turns with her ...         


 What a commotion; an aircraft carrier on fire and sinking somewhere... What is Trump to do? (But not to worry; aircraft carriers are only good for being sunk. Think of the invoices to get some new ones. Might even be a blessing in disguise: More jobs for Americans, building all the latest new ones.  A ship building boom; like Henry Kaiser of California, who built all those “Liberty” ships.    )  


September,  2018

 Hello  you Free Thinkers:   here is a special story:

                                                              "TRUMP IN WONDERLAND"

                                                              Our measly little world about to change ?  

Trump in WonderLand and  that newly created  "Space Force".     What do we need a Space Force for ?    As if our  U. S.  Air Force wasn't enough with those  new F-35 Junk Strike Fighters (Flying Turds  ~almost as worthless as a Tesla car);  as if our  Navy was not air-capable with Carrier based everywhere;  and even  our beloved Marine Corps has effective Marine Air. Heck, even those Army Pukes  can call in Air support any old time in any location worldwide; drones or other.  Most of our  He-Man  fighting means  Man to Man commandoes, Special Forces Green Beanies,  Seals and the like.   So,  why now do we need a "Space Force" for  ?  (Hint: more invoices...)

But really:    does a more sinister reason lurk beneath  choppy  seas  of   Stormy Petrel Washington Post  shenanigans  exposing impeachment scandal after  yet another  Donald  caught naked somewhere scandal...

Be there a deeper, more portending reason for this so-called  "Space Force”  ?  

  *Let's use our intuition to discern some truth here...

Science tells us we're already way out in Space;  in the Milky Way Galaxy even.  Since the Universe is  infinite,  we might as well be at the center of it all.  We are light years from anywhere and from everywhere.   Good old USA  already has got this planet  covered; on  "lockdown"  really. Sure there are bad guys;   but Amerika can whip'em;  whip them good.

 So:  WHY ?  a   "SPACE FORCE"  ?

I'll tell you why:

Boys,   "others" from Space have been snooping and pooping around Earth for long time;  they been loving us long time,  millennia maybe . (No,  not like the right Rev. Al Sharpton;   poop, poop,  pooping all over  young Tawana Brawley and then calling it a  delicious gang  Rape served up  with a side of   Racism)

 Millennia ?    that is way too far back history for this little diatribe.

Within living memory America set off  Atomic bombs in Summer of 1945;   and by 1947:  BOOM ! Here come the Flying Saucers, UFOs.   This does not prove a causal relationship between Atomic Bombs and advent of UFOs,  but the coincidental relationship be plain enough there.  Really:  big new things first get ridiculed and laughed at;  then violently opposed and stomped on;   finally and reluctantly accepted as a younger generation grows up with and takes for granted because they used to it. 

This UFO thing bigger than all previous  new things because  our society literally  up  for grabs;   similar to the situation of the powerful North American Iroquois Indian Confederation when Frenchman,   Jacques Cartier,  first arrived in 1534.   Cartier sailed right  up the Canadian Saint Lawrence River and just claimed it all for France.  

Those Iroquois  Indians right away wanted   some of those  French flintlock firearm   guns;  they wanted  kegs of hard liquor Cognac Brandy;  and they craved steel  hammer and pliers tools:  those "weeping heart"  steel tomahawk-pipes, sharp, unbreakable steel knives and deadly spring steel animal traps.  The Jesuit Priests accompanying the French expedition said: "You Indians  want guns,  then get your ass baptized first" ~~~   And the Indians did.   The Indians were never quite  the same after the  Whites arrived.  Boys, I'm telling ya':  We are the  primitive Indians in this UFO action.   The totally dominant Iroquois Confederation consisted of  Iroquois, Mohawk,  Oneida, Onondaga,  and Seneca tribes.  (and don’t forget the Cayuga, a nifty big , sprawling tribe all along Mohawk River basin). They ruled and dominated the  North American Continent all the way to Mississippi River and down South into Alabama with the addition of the  powerful, well organized Southern Tuscarora tribe.  Now, when those White Europeans arrived, things really changed ! 

 Our  Iroquois Indian analogy means  that  our technology  no count so much anymore.  UFO  technology  gotta be more important.  Similarly, our Earth history must be a sideshow to their  UFO history.   Our spirituality must subordinate to their spirituality; and our religion must move it over for their religion.  Naturally, the "deep state"   folks running our   Planet Earth don't cotton much to this  new arrangement of the Flying Saucer Folks having total primacy and being  Boss...  Especially the Rothschild Jews and Zionists and such:  This implies:   no more "Yahweh";   no more "Jesus";  no more  "God the Father";  and no more Mohammed and  that "Allah".  Just  like the Iroquois  religion's Great Peacemaker, "Hiawatha",   and his Mate: the fair, feminine, strong and fecundly beautiful  "Jigonhsasee";    most all  Iroquois religious mythology soon faded away, then completely replaced by the  "We're all Sinners"  Christian Catechism.

 OK,  I know what you are silently thinking:    "WHERE'S  THE PROOF  !"      (ha ha)
    ( Hint:   Proof comes out the barrel of a gun ! )

But please,  no proof in this little article.  For PROOF,  you all have got to do the work to  research it out  for yerself.  But  Jack, here is a fact:  prior to 1947 worldwide:  There were nearly zero UFO reports and UFO articles and UFO sightings.   This is easy to verify by using the Internet. But in 1947:  Wowie Zowie, what you been smoking, boy ?  Gimme a hit of that  good stuff.  

Don't buy this ?    See for yourself:

Prior to 1947,  UFO reports scarce;   after 1947; UFO sightings and reports plentiful. Hey Stupid :  So easy to   "prove"   the number of calls  to the county sheriff (Just look up the written phone logs );   so easy to "prove"   the number of newspaper articles describing  this  weird new phenomenon  in the skies of Earth;   so easy to "prove"  the vast increase in number of  published photographs ( back in the days before "Photoshop");  so easy to prove the unprecedented number of police reports describing  a  quizzical new phenomena.   Yep,   never mind the substance;  let's concern ourselves with the easily proven numbers of reports and descriptions of  something strange going on.   For me:   I like drawings because a drawing relies solely upon the integrity of the observer.

But First:  What about the "Government"
 (  Well:   the Government this;  and the Government that:  The Government  not talking and that is that.  Why should they?   All Earth Governments got caught with their "pants down"  on this UFO thing.   So,  not to  further  em-bare-ass themselves, Governments pretend: "Ain't no UFOs around here, honest Boss.)

        Is this drawing proof ? Heck  No !

             1958-Summer-Holloman-Air Force Base;  Mechanic's Drawing

A drawing not proof of anything;  but there it is;  along with  gazillions of other drawings all depicting something new  going down.   Drawings made upon restaurant  paper napkins;  upon simple yellow legal pads;  upon any old piece of paper.  If you see something;  make a drawing:  include brief description of event; witnesses present;  location and date of incident.  Include date drawing made; and include How the sighting ended !    (Print your name and sign the drawing with your contact information. )

Yes, a simple drawing becomes a primary source scientific document describing these historical events ...

Read'em and weep creep:  They are Here and they are Queer;  NO, not  filthy perverted gay homo sodomites;  but out of this  world, coming around nowadays to probe into our affairs while their origins, intents and purposes remain a mystery.

So, if the Government not talking about Area 51  or  "Dreamland"  or  Cattle Mutilations or creepy Gray Aliens taking your daughter, naked on a reproductive breeding midnight joyride;   we will have to ferret  out some answers ourselves.    Expect no  help from pointy head Liberals who often bleat:   "Since these UFO Aliens are God's Children,  we must welcome them, because they have just as much right to inhabit planet Earth as we do.   Anything less would be  RACIST !"

But wait ! What have previous presidential leaders said, or done, about this Huge story: 

*  Little Jimmy Carter previously had a UFO sighting or two way down in Georgia;  when he became president:  Carter made a request through his science advisor Frank Press in 1977, asking NASA to look into UFOs.   Even though the request came from the highest office in the land, NASA replied:  "the subject is not worth studying".   Source: http://www.presidentialufo.com/old_site/carter.htm

 *  President John F Kennedy, being a smart man,  knew something was up.   Cagy was Kennedy, knowing well the duplicity of the "deep state"  after he was almost snookered into Nuclear combat against  those Rooskies after  Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile confrontation.  Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, even Dean Rusk cooked up the Cuban schemes  behind Kennedy's back.   So  President Kennedy learned to trust no one,  but himself;    and brother Bobby ( Attorney General ) on such an important deal as UFOs.  Here is how he did it:   He contrived and set up an "intra-administration"   series of communications and memos  concerning the pesky, yet delicate,  UFO  situation.  The method and  actors  were lower level functionaries  whose nonchalance  belied the urgency and import of the situation. 

 *  Here is the Memorandum:

Memorandum From Maxwell W. Hunter II of the National Aeronautics and Space Council (Executive Office of the President) to Robert F. Packard of the Office of International Scientific Affairs

"Washington, July 18, 1963.

Thoughts on the Space Alien Race Question

During recent discussions the question has occasionally, though rarely, arisen that perhaps we should consider the policy question of what to do if an alien intelligence is discovered in Space.  Some discussion of this occurred, as you will recall, during deliberations on "BNSP Task I" (remains Classified). 
This memo contains some miscellaneous thoughts on the question.

The consensus of scientific view says, with quite good reasons, that the possibility of running across an alien intelligent race in our solar system is negligible. This is due primarily to the presumed unsuitability of conditions upon other planets to support life as we know it. The flying saucer advocates claim, of course, that the scientific viewpoint is nonsense, and that there is overwhelming evidence of such beings. In my own mind, I find it difficult to side with the flying saucer advocates, but the almost total impossibility envisioned by most scientists also is disturbing. Therefore, I present the problem in current perspective, as I see it.

Up until a few decades ago it seemed very improbable that intelligent life existed anywhere outside of the solar system. The chief reasons for this were a combination of scientific theory, scientific knowledge, and religious belief. The most widely accepted scientific theory as to the formation of the solar planetary system held that it was a result of the near collision of two stars. Since such a precise near miss of two stars would be an extremely rare event, it followed that there would be very few other planetary systems in the universe and, indeed, perhaps this was the only one. Religious belief said, furthermore, that life was a gift bestowed by God. This was a relatively undisputed point since no scientific data existed to bridge the gap between non-living and living materials.   (See Wilhelm Reich MD  and Walter Russell here)

The situation today is vastly changed in these respects. The most widely held theory of stellar formation would predict the formation of planetary systems to be a natural consequence of stellar evolution. On this basis, most stars would possess planetary systems, and the number of habitable planets in our galaxy would be tremendous. Our biggest telescopes cannot resolve planets at the distances even of the nearest stars, so no direct confirmation is yet available. In my own mind, however, the wide prevalence of multiple stars is an overwhelming hint in support of this theory. In addition, the biological sciences have almost completely traced a series of natural occurrences, which lead from inanimate molecules to elementary living viruses. Thus, we have the current scientific theory and data not only that there are a huge number of planets in the galaxy, but that life is quite likely to arise spontaneously on a large number of these. This, of course, does not necessarily imply intelligent life. Modern theology is not necessarily incompatible with this. The description in Genesis of the Creation certainly is a better picture of the current theory than of a stellar collision, and since God only spent seven days on this system, He has clearly had lots of time to create many more systems.  (ha ha )

Even granting a probable existence of much life in the galaxy, there is still the question of whether another intelligent race exists in our solar system. There are, of course, two methods of its establishment in our system. One of these is that it originated on some other planet, for instance, Mars.

Some of the spectacular markings of Mars have been interpreted as indicating intelligence. In particular, the famous "Canali" are rather narrow, and always run from one prominent marking to another, frequently with round splotches at intersections. As far as I know, no one has discovered a "Canali" which goes nowhere. This has quite understandably stimulated much conversation. In fact, a number of decades ago, when scientists thought that any life on other stellar systems was very remote, they seemed to feel that intelligent life probably existed on our other planets. Some of the discussions about life on Mars at the turn of the century seem to indicate a strong urge to want to find intelligent life elsewhere. Today, the situation is completely reversed, and although intelligent life is considered quite probable among the stars, it is held to be quite unlikely within the solar system. We seem more eager to listen with Ozma  (from Wizard of Oz  book  )  than to look closely at Canali.

One school of flying saucer advocates claims that the Martians have been mining our moon for natural resources for some time. At first thought, one would think they would rather mine earth. It is interesting to speculate, however, upon space flight from the point of view of a Martian. The escape speed of Mars is only 16,500 fps, and, of course, braking speed on our moon is less than 10,000 fps. Thus, Martians looking at earth would tend to view it the same way Terrestrials look at Jupiter. Our moon might not be less work to get to, since atmospheric braking to earth is possible, but would be very much easier to return from, while the energy requirements to go to and return from the surface of the earth might well be so high as to discourage interest, at least initially. Interestingly enough, even a normal high energy chemical rocket could make a trip from Mars to our moon at favorable times while carrying almost 10% of its gross weight in payload. Space flight starting from Mars, then, is a much easier prospect than starting from Terra. If a suitable refueling base had been painfully established on our moon, the operation could be done quite commendably with merely chemical energy. (The aforementioned high energy chemical rocket could carry at favorable times almost 50% payload back to Mars.) Of course, many flying saucer advocates claim that the discovery of both Martian moons within a week in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century indicates that they are large artificial space stations, otherwise they would have been found earlier. If we were to discover Martians on the moon, it would result in surprisingly little readjustment of our scientific thinking. The biggest question would be why they were there rather than among the Asteroids.

In fact, if we were not as scientifically sure of ourselves as we are, three recent events would be hailed as broad hints of intelligent life on the moon. (1) The discovery of hot gasses emanating from the crater Alphonsus when the moon was supposedly dead. This would be considered evidence of civilization and, since Alphonsus is close to the visible edge, interpreted to mean that the other side of the moon was teeming with population, which had begun to spill around to this side. (2) The infra-red scans which show hot spots. These would be interpreted as indications of cities or at least mining camps. (3) The fact that no lunar or planetary probe of significance has been successful, in spite of major efforts on the part of two very successful earth orbit faring nations.

It would be supposed that someone was denying us deep space. (The other-side-of-the-moon pictures from Luna 3 show no details of consequence, and the same can be said of the data from Mariner II compared to what we had already known about Venus from earth-based measurements.)  Should the Martians have colonized the moon without discovering nuclear energy, then they represent no real problem, and our current national policy would be made to order for the situation.

If all of this were true, of course, I would expect the Martians to be scared to death of what they have seen recently on this planet, and would expect that the highest priority development program in the solar system is being conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission of Mars.

Even if we are secure in our belief that intelligent life never would develop on Mars or some other solar planet, there is still the question of visitors to the solar system from other stellar systems. This is normally written off as an extremely low probability, due to the tremendous distances between stars, and the Einstein limitation on travel faster than the speed of light. Therefore, even if there are a large number of intelligent life forms in the galaxy, and even if they are continuously searching for other races, the frequency of investigation of any stellar system would be only once in many thousands of years and contact would rarely, if ever, be achieved. It might never be achieved, since presumably intelligent races die out. (What happened to the planet whose pieces now are spread around the Asteroid Belt? Or, for that matter, why is Uranus lying on its side?) I am not sure that this travel restriction is quite as infallible as it sounds. I believe that it is possible with what we now know about nuclear energy to envision ships driven at half to three-quarters of the speed of light. This, since the galaxy is 100,000 light-years across, still does not make a search of the entire galaxy feasible within the life span of the average man. But suppose some race under pressure of population explosion were expanding as fast as technically feasible from star to star throughout the galaxy. If their ships averaged half the speed of light, and if, on the average, they stopped every 10 light-years for a twenty-year stay at a stellar system to deposit colonists, refuel, and build extra ships, they would only take two hundred thousand years, starting at the center of the galaxy, to spread throughout the whole system. Since the earliest known remains of man have recently been dated at approximately one million seven hundred thousand years, a sustained drive for merely two hundred thousand years may not be unreasonable. Of course, if we were to run across representatives of this kind of interstellar race, they would not be nearly as tame as the previously hypothesized chemical Martians, and our policy would need to be revised accordingly. Fortunately, travel time restrictions would inhibit their ability to bring all forces to bear, in case we should develop differences of viewpoint.

The third possibility, scientifically abhorrent, is that the Einstein theory may only be an approximation, and an alien race which actually travels faster than light exists. If we were to meet such a race, our policy had better be to negotiate fast, because the implications of their far better understanding and control of the fundamental forces of nature would be obvious. If all the scientific speculation were to turn out wrong and we were to stumble across an alien race, we would want to know as quickly as possible which of the three types I have indicated it was, as our diplomatic policy would damned well be influenced by the results."


Although all plausible scientific thinking suggests that we will not find any other intelligence race, the probability that we will is finite, and perhaps should not be completely ignored. Were we to find one, the question of whether it was a race with primitive chemical space flight, space flight equivalent to our best understanding of nuclear energy, or space flight based on physics beyond Einstein should be ascertained as rapidly as possible, since our policies would be affected most drastically.

In any event,  a policy of the immediate burying of all Terrestrial hatchets would likely be in order.  (Think USA vs Russia today )   It would be a good idea to proceed on the assumption that the human race would finally have found a bigger problem than the ones it has created for itself. There likely is nothing to be done at the moment to prepare for these possibilities (the only body of writing on the subject available in an emergency is science fiction), because no one of consequence is going to take this rubbish seriously unless it happens. At that point, our policy will be determined in the traditional manner of grand panic.

Maxwell W. Hunter II



And now comes The Donald:  OH !   That rascal... Let's give the Devil his due.   Did Donald Trump make an offer that always corrupt  government boys;  those  double dipping military contractors;    simply cannot refuse ?   ( Think of   endless invoices; imagine such  budgetary  increase going into the Pentagon ,  how glorius ! )   With the creation of a new branch of the U. S. Military,   the "SPACE FORCE":    here's an opportunity to have some cake and eat it too.   Wow !              The Art of a good Deal

·   This means we come to grips  with the UFO situation without having to admit it publicly:   and  thus be forced to endure more screaming  impotent wrath and ridicule from  the usual suspects:   John (can't get a hard on ) Kasich;  Lindsey Graham;  Crooked Hillary;  Senator Pocahontas Warren; and  Senator Chuck (always wearing Bifocals)  Schumer from New York.   This loser bunch  chooses to bite the hand that feeds them on all matters, both great and small;  because  "Never Trump".  ( Might  expect "Wet Start"  John McCain to  channel himself,    from beyond the grave;   with a big old  "thumbs- down".NOTE: Good Senator Lindsey Graham seems to “have found himself” lately.  Especially in the Judge Kavanaugh thing. Maybe since that dominant John McCain died; Lindsey Graham has been coming out more, and coming out well. Don’t know how good Senator Graham could “man up” to admitting the UFO thing,  Wow --->  try admitting it even to yourself, when no one else around. Can be a “heavy movie”.          Don’t  think about them before bedtime obviously...  10/8 / 18 

·  Further effectiveness unfolds as  American industrial "know how"  can begin to focus upon Space Force technology  ;    without having  it  be locked away within  deep state layer upon layers of stifling and stupid secrecy.   

· Fortunately,  America  got blessed  with  some  real  Wisdom of a Natural Statesman   in this sagacious  action by  one  Donald  J.  Trump. WHY ?   Let me tell you again:   Best to make this UFO  Disclosure thing  go down in a somewhat controlled fashion;    rather than by  shrieking liberals,   wetting   their pantsuits.   

· The UFO thing is going down anyway; without even our help.  Question: How to “hurry along” this process ?  Or would I even want to ... hurry “disclosure” along. Come to think of it:  “UFO Disclosure” could be a very horrible thing. The joke would be on us for bringing on such a calamity as .  public UFO Disclosure... People would rue the day...  Such new levels of complexity and freakout   .


· Could be better not to wake the sleeping dog ? Let the UFO Dog to stay assleep for as long as possible. What a freakout if the word got out about real UFOs been around for decades !  Such a social event as public ufo disclosure would open some Pandora’s boxes certainly.  Who would want such a disruptive event as  “ufo disclosure”  to occur ? 



Respectfully Submitted,

Bruce M. Forrester Jr
Zephyr Technology
Dayton,  O-HI-O  (Go Bucks ! )


July,  Summertime 2018




A Mostly True Story ?

So, some ever so smart New Yorkers; experts (sexperts ?) at darn near everything;  actually believed they could outsmart good old Mother Nature...

It started with an abortion or two in the early twenties ( A Womyn’s Sacred Right to Choose, the Blood Sacrament of Feminism).  But Tick tick tock went the Biological Clock; until a creeping dreadful fear of barren childless alone dictated do something now. And so she did; and labored mightily . And labored some more; and  more after that.  Until Doctor-man cuts  baby out with Caesarean Surgery. Once a C-Section; always C-Section;  if ever there are more:  A  “one child” policy being favored by Guilty White Liberals of the New York variety.  (You know: Save the Planet and all that )


Much Smarter choice is  “Have’em while you’re young” .
Remember Nikola Tesla who oft said:  “ 3 ,  6,  and 9 are magic numbers”  Transposing into society:  Having children directly creates abundant prosperity.  WHY ?  Because Nature’s ( that’s Mother Nature herself,  for you Feminazis )  plan demands all wealth, ambition, work and effort pour into the children.

For you old Hippies growing Pot:  All the energy of the plant goes into the Bud.  The Pot plant does not have a “career first”  writing Government Grant Proposals for Social Justice engineering.  If the Pot plant does not deliver;  then out it goes to be replaced by one that does... We could learn something here...  


 ( Unless of the Negroe persuasion;  then “Whitey” expected to step up and feed  the pickaninnies with food stamps, free housing ,  WIC programs and everything.  Seems like many many Negroe Men pride themselves on this Single Mom arrangement;  No responsibility at all being a “Playa” .    Let our Liberal Government raise a fine crop of Negroes year after year;   decade after decade 


But for the rest of us:  If you want to prosper; then have children:  It cuts out the foolishness. So, make it a trifecta; and if you really want to “get ahead”  have six;  and why stop there:  Nine is fine !


Better than a vasectomy though; another liberal favorite. Seemingly,  our Liberal Media Elites push Abortion for White Girls; Homosexuality for White Boys;  and unlimited Third World immigration for everyone...


There there:  that wasn’t so bad ~   We realize now that Donald Trump was not a fluke.  The Trumpster has tapped into the Real World;  so rarely mentioned by New York Times.  What everyone was thinking but afraid to say...

 Looks like Amerika got  “woke” . 





"Hatred"  and all that...

So, I pays my $25-  from an advertisement from Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center... Now I am on their mailing list,  and everything;  Thought I was just ordering a book (which has not come yet).  Rush Limbaugh is right you know:   "Hatred"  is owned by the Left.   Owned by the Democratic Party;  owned by Liberals. Officially what is "Hatred" ?

Hatred is disagreement with a Liberal...  Disagreement with a Liberal is what Hatred Is.

Enough of the preamble already:  Let's talk about "Hatred"  in conjunction with THE WHITE RACE REVOLUTION FLYING SAUCER STYLE.

(We must begin with the "Age of Discovery")

1)  Sponsored officially by Prince Henry the Navigator around 1419 Anno Domini.  South, further South along the difficult African Coast the Portuguese sailed.  They had to get way out to Sea, out of sight of land;   lest they founder upon rocks and moving currents carrying them back East to the African Coast and certain  ruin.  Cape Chaunar (Cape Non or Cape No)  was the first challenge for those White Men, who dared where no Man had before... "Quem o passa tornará ou não" (those who cross it, return or not).   Spend a night or two or three out of sight of land...  The Arabs were good sailors but dared not this.

 2) Then as far South as the Southern edge of Sahara Desert;    reaching   Cape Bojador (Arabic for "Father of Danger").  Wooden Ships,  Men of Iron, White  Men that is; boys really;   European Sailor Boys.  1434 AD now. "Who wants to pass beyond Bojador, Must also pass beyond pain." (Quem quer passar além do Bojador, Tem que passar além da dor.)

 3) Cape of Good Hope in 1488 to get around Africa; Vasco de Gama got to India in 1498; very very tough getting through the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and East African Coast (Mozambique). The channel is 1,000 miles long and from Wikipedia: "Cape Correntes was historically regarded as one of the most terrifying obstacles facing sailing ships in the Indian Ocean. It is named after the exceptionally fast Southward current that passes here, part of the Mozambique Current, with a tendency to form eddies at this cape. It is also a confluence point of winds, with the capacity to produce unpredictably violent gusts and whirlwinds." (and deep sucking whirlpools...)

Sustaining 30%  Losses of ships was the norm;  but the profits from  Black Pepper and  Spice Trade enormous, really Huge.

4)  And that is what we  White Men did:  Conquered the World already with a real  "FREE ENERGY"   system.  Light nifty Caravels;  bigger Carracks and  then the Mighty Galleons.   The Wind Energy was free.   Great capital investment and much wood joinery skill building those ships. The Wind was free but nobody worked harder than those European Sailor Boys.  Nobody.  Not too many Women on board, but sometimes a few.  Sporty rogue  or Pirate Captains would bring along some of  their personal favorites to reward the Men with.

 5)  This means the White Race has already conquered the World, with Free Energy even.                                                                           Conquered  All of it.

 6)  The majority demographic  "of color"  ;  they want what we  Whites already got...   They want  more fast cars,  more computers,  big screen television,  big houses with suburban perfect lawns.  Demanding more fine wine, liquor and rich food. Even more aircraft carriers (now obsolete as a capital ship).   How to get all that  ?    Why, a "Living Wage"  of course. Raise that minimum right up to $15- and beyond.  Coloureds chant:  "No justice, no peace;  Black Lives Matter" ;   Nasty Woman!   We Whites worked it Baby;   Worked it hard centuries ago.      China, India, Africa, South America;   "Of color"  want  material achievement that Whites  done got already;  all  from  small peninsula called Europe.

7)  Suddenly, 1945  BOOM!   Nuclear bombs go off.

8) Then,  here come Flying Saucers: (Roswell: 1947) Mostly "Grays";  but about 5%  "Blondes".  Matching the distribution of Whites on Earth:    5%  White vs.     95%  "of color"    (Parasitic/Symbiotic Jews no count as White,  believe me)

 9) Our job, as Whites, is to step up and lead like we did before. Like the Age of Discovery;  those European Sailor Boys  went where  no-one had gone before.

But,   No entitlement mentality please.  We cannot "give"  to the coloureds.   What's   the proverb?   "God helps those who help themselves".   That is why WELFARE IS A SWINDLE:  Take those free food stamps;  take that free housing;  take free and horrible public schools; take free (and humiliating) affirmative action... Guaranteed  Negroes will remain in Slavery for-ever, forever and then some.  No way "to void"  what has gone before... Put out a bird feeder and what do you get?
 (Hint: More Birds!)  That means we are raising Negroes by feeding them, is that what we want?  No, we don’t want that...More compassionate,  more kind  is some "Tough Love"  which means Do not feed the Negroes !    Someone said:  "God will work with you but not for you".   Today Whites are expected to work for the "of color" crowd;  so as to "void"   what has gone before      (ha ha)

Our job as Whites is to step up and build some of that Flying Saucer Technology.  Build it both physical and lovingly Spiritual.   Like the UFO Aryan Blonde Space Brother and Space Sisters.  Very first step:  Overcome the  Liberal propaganda of Hatred.   And Love Ourselves.   Love us,  the White Race please.   We have as role model those UFO Aryan Blonde Space Brother and Space Sisters.  Simulate them. Emulate them.  Do not Hate Ourselves with guilt as we are commanded by Liberal/Jewish media propaganda...  (OK, HERE IS A LATE BREAKING HINT:
Pretend Jesus is around...and step into him. And Him into you; in he comes into you~~~ all filled with flowing up Jesus. Ummn good. )

 Pretend for Jesus;  you can do it.  

Love Ourselves instead.   Love Ourselves;  Only then we have chance         To lead...                      


Hi Guys at Swannanoa         Come up to speed on the Flying Saucer thing.  I learned from Darren Colomb that Walter Russell said in private letters:   that the Flying Saucers were a “hoax”

But: Respectfully , you all keep Walter Russell going strong. That means the tools of knowledge you give us; these tools from Walter Russell enable modern scientists to figure it out. Walter Russell did his part; even if he failed to  grasp the import of what was happening on the UFO front.  By using his legacy, we can better tackle this Flying Saucer thing...

So, a thanks and a shout out for Matt Presti and Darren Colomb and the gang at Swannanoa